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serum COLORCONVERT vs. MyPantone

We just came across this interesting online article from Eddy Hagen (Managing Director and Trend Watcher VIGC), who did a research on reliability of myPantone iPhone app. Everybody who has a slightly understanding of color management knows that iPhone´s on-screen color rendering can not be accurate. Due to the facts that iPhone does not have a calibrated screen, no CMM (Color Matching Module) and a limited colorspace, there is no possibility of providing visual reliability and the research of VIGC made this really obvious.


In fairness, Pantone/X-Rite never claimed total reliability. It is not their fault that there is no smartphone providing the technology for accuracy when it comes to color referencing. Also, the fact that there is such a huge difference between individual iPhone devices can not blamed on Pantone., but on Apple. Pantone simply developed an app that looks nice and might come in handy when you forgot how Pantone 104-4-1 C looks like (It is green). But it´s not a professional color reference tool and I have to agree with Mr. Hagen on this point: Pantone should do better than that.


So we felt obliged to compare our app with myPantone, since Colorconvert is going to be the first professional color management app for iPhone. We implemented a CMM to provide color conversion on a professional level, comparable to high value software. We started taking color conversion on such a device seriously, and not like other applications that mention a colorspace without clarifying which RGB or CMYK they are talking about. Even Pantone did not specify RGB as sRGB. They might refer to AdobeRGB, AppleRGB, eciRGB or GameBoy Color RGB. Who knows?


Colorconvert also does not claim to be color reliable. As already explained, it is not possible. However, it is possible to do better! We developed an iPhone ICC-Profil, by measuring the monitors of 3 different devices (each in 3 sets). The average of the different performances were used for the ICC-Profil. We did the same for iPad and iPod. Together with the technology of Colorconvert you get the following results:


vergleich_2 vergleich



As you can see Colorconvert´s display (dark frame) is closer to the actual Pantone color than the myPantone app, which is too yellowish. However, it is not 100%.



Another feature of Colorconvert shows you why iPhone is not capable of rendering this color exactly. You can see sRGB compared to RGB-iPhone4G (yellow outline). It´s color- space is just too small and does not contain the color area where Pantone 37-5-1 C is located in.

Colorconvert is available on the App Store. It allows you to manage all your color palettes, no matter which colorspace. Create your own color arrays or use international color systems. We have implemented Web Named Colors, but you can also add other color systems either via free sideload of .qcl-data or via In-App-Purchase. Convert them via ICC-Profiles and DeiveLink-Profiles to every colorspace you need and always get perfect results with reliable color values for your target colorspace. Share your color palettes via PDF with your customers or friends. Learn more about color management and benefit from our additional features and support.

(Blog post first published: Serum-Network)